Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why are muslim outfit always the target of CBI?

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Moving forward, let me update you finally the Mrs Mehta has given birth to a still born child and her traumatic journey has come to a end, let us all wish her luck and good wishes for the future.

I am sure you have seen the recent article about Ahemdabad blast and how SIMI activist are projected as the culprits behind this gruesome act.

I have a question for all, why is it that when ever there is an act of terror in the country the Central Beaureu of Investigation puts the blame on only Muslim outfits, is it because they are a minority or because they have affiliation to Pakistan or other Muslim country.

Do we ever wonder, why is that no Hindu outfit are ever put forward as culprits responsible for these acts . I am sure everyone is aware that every state in the country has gang lords and mafia who have no respect for the country or the people living in this country, then why is it that they are never put forwards but instead have the privilege of getting elected as members of the parliament.

We claim to have the best democratic system in the world. why is it that Muslim across are the country do not feel at home is it because of the 85% hindus or is it because of the politicians that make it a point to keep accusing the Muslims for the terror act in the country. to added to that CBI the mouthpiece of the government keep emphasing on the same.

I want to put this up for debate do we all feel that Muslims are the only people in the country who are capable of terrorist attacks in India and no Hindu will do so?

Or do we feel that Muslims are responsible and they do not feel that India is their country and hate the common people of this country?

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Nandini said...

The question which arises is that, why Muslims are always found guilty?
Why SIMI, IM are working?
I am not saying that every muslim is a terrorist. However, why every terrorist is a muslim.

This is not an issue of India. This is an issue ofthe World. every country is going thru this. Educated muslims are even more blind in faith. the true meaning of Islam shld be taught to all these people/

Nitish said...

That is quite a nice point to put forward, but again, why are we and other big and powerful nations after each and every muslim citizen, why are individual muslims seen from a view-point that they might cause trouble? I think every muslim, just because of being in minority, being found at a wrong time at the wrong places should not be considered harmful. Each individual should not be judged by the religion s/he follows, but on the basis of humanity.