Friday, August 8, 2008

Is honesty the best policy

This is a continuation of the earlier introduction.

The last couple of days, the print media has been publishing articles about Mr & Mrs Mehta, who have finally paid dearly for being a law abiding citizen of India.

It is ironical that the Mehta's decided to approach the legal system who are supposedly from gujrat (assuming from their surname) is a state that have forever been in the forefront of illegal abortions.

The Indian legal system has once again managed to leave yet another couple helpless and created a family that has lost faith in the legal system for generations to come.

I dont know why would anyone want to reach out to an outsider (the legal system), at a time when the only sufferers would be the Mehta's and their children.

I would like open this for a debate "Is honesty the Best Policy"

tell me what you think and would like to advise others to do, as for me i would like to advise the couple, if they still have the time.

Please go ahead and do the abortion, go to a place where people dont know you and just get out of this surrounding that will make your life miserable.

if you cannot leave mumbai, please do write a letter to the president and tell him that the legal system sucks and the constitutional rights of individuals are at stake if it does not go in for an overhauling very soon.

Please do post your comments ........

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Nandini said...

Very nice blog.
Subject i s also intriguing.

We always talk that someone shld do something abt the system
What we dont understand i we have to do everything to change the syetem. afterall we are also part of the system.

Mehtas were dejected by the legal system, because they were law abiding citizens. What about n number of citizens who break law every time and are proud of it.

Rather than grieving abt mehats we should teach a lesson to such notorious citizens.

cONFESSION oF a dEAD mAN said...

We create opinion by setting examples, Judiciary system here put an example that "we are of no help..."

Lets think what will happen after this???

Other families will look for secretly aborting the foetus rather wasting the time in our legal system.

And I can bet this incident will support the opinion of settling things, "out of court".

cONFESSION oF a dEAD mAN said...

"Is honesty the Best Policy"

I would also like to raise a Q.

Who has the right decide on the child's life???

He is going to live in pain, abnormal 'coz of our sadistic goverment.