Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is It War ?

Kudos to all the Jawans and the security agencies, who fought bravely during the last three day only so that we saw yet another beautiful day ………In the same breath, my heart goes out to the martyr who lost their lives saving Mumbai from the wrath of terrorists…….May their souls rest in peace and god give strength to their families in theses times of suffering …..

As pain and suffering comes to an end, my heart and mind gets even more restless. There are moments when I feel helpless and insecure for my family and friends …..Are we all going to lead our lives like sheep, goats & chickens…..? Who do not know their fate, animals that lead their life at the mercy of others and wait every day to be slaughtered for some weird satisfaction or gain?

I want to question all those in power, the politicians who are responsible for the misery in our lives, why are we not doing anything? Why are we so helpless?

Simple and basic logic comes to my mind, Today there is no country in the world that wants to launch a military offensive on any other country for a simple reason that there is more to loss than to gain. Most of the countries are strong enough to cater to any foreign invasion, then why is it that we are not able to fight a handful of these terrorist outfits and eradicate the menace of terrorism from its root?

We all know that sometime the best way to defend is to get offensive, the time has come that every country join hands together and launches an offensive on these terrorist outfit, who claim to work for the betterment of the minority community.

LeT and other outfits put together know too well that they would never be able to face military combat of the smallest country in the world leave aside INDIA, that is the reason they have started using they age old warfare technique guerilla warfare, IT IS A WAR out there. In the last one year, we have seen some gruesome attack on the nation.

Let us all unite and declare war on the entire terrorist community, not only for you and me but for the generations to come, it is our responsibility to give them a safe and secure environment.

Some thoughts on combating the menace – Immediate action Five point agenda
India to unite and fight together the menace of Terrorism
India to launch a military offensive on POK, the breading ground for these epidemic of the society
Intelligence agency across the globe to pool in their resource to track and eradicate the financial support system of these terrorist outfits.
The young generation from the mainstream to be trained in guerilla warfare to combat and counter the techniques used by the terrorist. Finally a policy of shoot at site for all individual caught in the act of terror, a fast track court to declare death sentence for all who have been kept and fed in jail to carry out more such operations.

Please send in your vews an also please feel free to add on the agenda for combatting Terrorism

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

shiv vada pav

hi there

i am back once again,

I saw some thing very interesting yesterday on NDTV, it looked like a special program

A detailed report was presented on SHIV VADA PAV, for all those who do not know, its the new avatar of Vada Pav, now the shiv sena is out there to brand the poor man's food and make people call it " Shiv vada pav".

the rationale if we can have a Mc donald, Jumbo King then why not Shiv Vada Pav.....

It seems that Shiv Sena is using this to reach out to the poor man on the street and feed him with branded products.

A few questions arise is Shiv Sena quiting active politics and joining the race for fast food corners .... or is it looking at funding, to support their loosing battle with MNS ......

if Shiva Sena is able to provide cheaper or competitively priced vada pav, will it be able to entice the voters who for some reason have been outcast for not being born or not able to speak in Marathi.

I am lost and confused with the kind of U turns these politicians take all the time, please do let me know ......

Is Shiva Sena finally fighting the last battle, with MNS and others and is Vada Pav the only survival option

share your views and let see where is mumbai politics heading

C U soon.......