Monday, November 24, 2008

shiv vada pav

hi there

i am back once again,

I saw some thing very interesting yesterday on NDTV, it looked like a special program

A detailed report was presented on SHIV VADA PAV, for all those who do not know, its the new avatar of Vada Pav, now the shiv sena is out there to brand the poor man's food and make people call it " Shiv vada pav".

the rationale if we can have a Mc donald, Jumbo King then why not Shiv Vada Pav.....

It seems that Shiv Sena is using this to reach out to the poor man on the street and feed him with branded products.

A few questions arise is Shiv Sena quiting active politics and joining the race for fast food corners .... or is it looking at funding, to support their loosing battle with MNS ......

if Shiva Sena is able to provide cheaper or competitively priced vada pav, will it be able to entice the voters who for some reason have been outcast for not being born or not able to speak in Marathi.

I am lost and confused with the kind of U turns these politicians take all the time, please do let me know ......

Is Shiva Sena finally fighting the last battle, with MNS and others and is Vada Pav the only survival option

share your views and let see where is mumbai politics heading

C U soon.......

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