Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am not Anna

Yes I am not Anna, I can say this because I am true to myself. This might be a contrary view to the nation that is out there on the streets trying to fight for their right against the all might government machinery.

We have seen people in all sizes and shapes gather at different locations to support Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption.

I am not a pessimist, I truly would like to see Anna Hazare and his supporters win and force the corrupt to mends their ways.

But something does not feel right, how come all of sudden Anna has become our only hope. Corruption is not a new phenomenon, each and everyone participating and supporting Anna need to realise that they are equally responsible for the sorry state of the society. We our self have promoted corruption all through our life

Today, I saw a group of young kids, shout slogans, if you are Mumbaite, you would have typically seen these kids hanging around collage canteens/ coffee cafe day / bandstand .....

I am sure these 19/20 year old kids have no Idea, what it means to live a life without corruption

These are the very same youth, who would not blink an eyelid while paying the cop for their two wheeler license or pay the traffic police for breaking the traffic rules

Their parents are people like me, who would have borrowed money to pay capitation fee to get admission in nearby school just because it was convenient or paid the builder black money for a flat of choice.

I personally believe today’s generation is not used to such a life, if we truly analysis what does a life without corruption mean, we are so use to corruption that surviving without it would be almost impossible

I am not supporting corruption, but what l would like to point out, if all the people wearing “I am Anna Hazare” follow his footsteps and imbibe his principals, we would not need an agitation.

Every supporter joining the protest was working a few days back and contributing to the development of our nation in their own way. When lakhs of people stop working it amounts to national loss.

We must protest, but with the power that we has been bestowed in us by the constitution, the power to vote, nothing can hurt the politician more than losing the control over his/her constituency.

If we make it a point to support only the non corrupt ,promise to follow the non corrupt path of life and instil the same principals in our children, I sure we will see a sea of change very soon

Kindly let me know your views ......