Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Collateral Damage the answer to terrorism?

I would like to ask all those who have been terrorized by the attack on Mumbai, do you feel free? Do you think, finally it is over? How do you feel after a fortnight?

I think I know the answer,

I sure each one of you is having sleepless nights……,

Every time some thing moves or a sound is heard you are startled……,

You want to avoid being alone and be with your family and friends, fearing you might loss them.

The media is full of stories that speak about what India wants Pakistan to do and what Pakistan wants to do, in between what USA what both of us to do.

Why are we still taking……why no action has been taken on these terrorist outfits, other banning them? Pakistan has the audacity to say they will not handover any of the wanted terrorist and conduct trails in their country. We all know the outcome of such trails, it is nothing but hogwash. To add up to our miseries are the responses of our politicians “war is not an option”.

Then what is an option …..

What is it that will bring relief to all those who have suffered at the hands of this terrorist?

What is the option to create a safe and peaceful society, where everyone lives amicably?

What is the option for those who have survived but are so traumatized, that life will never be the same ……

I have an option, we have our history to guide us, we have succeeded in the past and I am sure we will succeed once again……….

But before that, let us discuss a singular common reason that has helped terrorist outfit flourish. Every terrorist outfits have repeatedly exploited the poor. Globally the terrorist outfits recruit young boys & girls, who are from the lower strata of the society, where meeting ends or gathering basis necessity of life is challenge. This young generation are lured by promising better life for their loved ones, they sacrifice their own life so that basis necessity can provided to their loved ones.

Coming back to the only option left ……A Bullet for a Bullet, the super cop Julius Ribeiro formula.

For every person that has been killed, we must kill as many of them, no mercy to anyone who supports or even have remote connection with them at any stage. Create an environment so that every person dreads to associate with terrorist, their own people should outcast them at every stage. These terrorist strive on the support of the religion, family, friends and their social circles, we must eradicate all support system, only then we will have a fearless society for our families & friends …..

A bullet for a bullet ---------an eye for an eye -------- kill all those who don’t deserve to live ……..amen

C U soon

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beware of the Hogwash


Thanks friend for the response on my last posting, every one has the right to put down their views on this blog, the intension is to bring out the emotions and look at solutions that are the guiding light for other.

I would like to put forth a new dimension to the sequence of events that have unfolded post the gruesome attack, the ruling party quickly understood the kind of outrage the citizens of India have shown towards the attack at got into action almost immediately with both the incompetent home ministers sacked. The Pakistan counter part summoned and given the list of wanted criminals and finally meeting with the big brother USA ( we will never become a super power as long as we don’t stop calling on USA for intervention, we could have gone to the U.N forum instead) last but not the least the CM asked to resign .

What is it that the congress is doing? Do they really mean business? I doubt it, we all know that it is election time and they need to be in the good books of the Indian masses, who currently are not in a mood to spare anyone, be it the ruling party, opposition or for that matter arrogant politician who are embarrassing every citizen by the words they speak.

Frankly I don’t believe anyone of them, what I see happening...... out of the 19 most wanted criminals we will be able to get one or two not so important ones and the rest will flee out of Pakistan for a few days, if lucky we might see a few encounter in POK nothing more.

Do let me know your view on the same ………

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Was the Nariman house operation successful ?

Hi friends,

Today is yet another day that i have gone through all the coverages appeared in the media , each passing day makes me feel like a patient in a trauma recovery unit, each day I try to wipe out the memories of the traumatic incident but it just keeps coming back.

In the last one week, i have observed that my vision is always blurred, as my eyes keep responding to the emotional roller coaster of my heart. I wanted to sit and cry, but tears would not roll down.

Why is it that I want to cry ? I keep asking this to myself, what is it that i have lost ? Who are they? non of them related to me nor a friend then why?

The mind is a clever part of our anatomy, it always tries to win over the heart, always looks for reasoning & logic, but today i think my heart has won.

I want to cry for the baby, who has no parents both of the them dead in the nariman house encounter.

I want to cry for the son who was the only support of a 75yrs old father

I want to cry for the young lad who joined his first job and brought hope to the family

I want to cry for 100's of them who lost their lives, for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With sorrow also comes anger, the pain, the suffering.............

I want to ask a few basic questions to all those who have praised the NSG, Police and the other armed forces....was this the best that they could do ? do you consider this a successful operation

some points to ponder ....
  • At no given time there were more than two terrorist shooting at people in one place, as they seem to have directive to spread out
  • The terrorist had entered a building with no intension of leaving
  • There was not exit for the terrorist
  • It was clear in the first hour that they did not have any demands and just wanted to kill
  • Then why did the army and the navy (which have a base in Mumbai not help the incompetent police force)
  • When the NSG platoon was equipped with commandos, why did they not enter the building and kill them immediately some hostages could have lost their lives but some more could have been saved
  • Why did the NSG not use any other method like tear gas or smoke bomb.
  • Why did they get the helicopter so late when they are available in Mumbai itself.
I think the Nariman house operation was a total disaster,the terrorist moved to a one floor they were two in number and the the NSG platoon 200 in number and they could not save a single life the kid & the nanny was saved because the terrorist did not want to get disturbed.

All the the armed forces put together could not counter 10 terrorist for three horrific days, and we say that we have one of the best armed forces and the police that is second to non.

Please respond .......

C ya soon