Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beware of the Hogwash


Thanks friend for the response on my last posting, every one has the right to put down their views on this blog, the intension is to bring out the emotions and look at solutions that are the guiding light for other.

I would like to put forth a new dimension to the sequence of events that have unfolded post the gruesome attack, the ruling party quickly understood the kind of outrage the citizens of India have shown towards the attack at got into action almost immediately with both the incompetent home ministers sacked. The Pakistan counter part summoned and given the list of wanted criminals and finally meeting with the big brother USA ( we will never become a super power as long as we don’t stop calling on USA for intervention, we could have gone to the U.N forum instead) last but not the least the CM asked to resign .

What is it that the congress is doing? Do they really mean business? I doubt it, we all know that it is election time and they need to be in the good books of the Indian masses, who currently are not in a mood to spare anyone, be it the ruling party, opposition or for that matter arrogant politician who are embarrassing every citizen by the words they speak.

Frankly I don’t believe anyone of them, what I see happening...... out of the 19 most wanted criminals we will be able to get one or two not so important ones and the rest will flee out of Pakistan for a few days, if lucky we might see a few encounter in POK nothing more.

Do let me know your view on the same ………

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