Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Was the Nariman house operation successful ?

Hi friends,

Today is yet another day that i have gone through all the coverages appeared in the media , each passing day makes me feel like a patient in a trauma recovery unit, each day I try to wipe out the memories of the traumatic incident but it just keeps coming back.

In the last one week, i have observed that my vision is always blurred, as my eyes keep responding to the emotional roller coaster of my heart. I wanted to sit and cry, but tears would not roll down.

Why is it that I want to cry ? I keep asking this to myself, what is it that i have lost ? Who are they? non of them related to me nor a friend then why?

The mind is a clever part of our anatomy, it always tries to win over the heart, always looks for reasoning & logic, but today i think my heart has won.

I want to cry for the baby, who has no parents both of the them dead in the nariman house encounter.

I want to cry for the son who was the only support of a 75yrs old father

I want to cry for the young lad who joined his first job and brought hope to the family

I want to cry for 100's of them who lost their lives, for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With sorrow also comes anger, the pain, the suffering.............

I want to ask a few basic questions to all those who have praised the NSG, Police and the other armed forces....was this the best that they could do ? do you consider this a successful operation

some points to ponder ....
  • At no given time there were more than two terrorist shooting at people in one place, as they seem to have directive to spread out
  • The terrorist had entered a building with no intension of leaving
  • There was not exit for the terrorist
  • It was clear in the first hour that they did not have any demands and just wanted to kill
  • Then why did the army and the navy (which have a base in Mumbai not help the incompetent police force)
  • When the NSG platoon was equipped with commandos, why did they not enter the building and kill them immediately some hostages could have lost their lives but some more could have been saved
  • Why did the NSG not use any other method like tear gas or smoke bomb.
  • Why did they get the helicopter so late when they are available in Mumbai itself.
I think the Nariman house operation was a total disaster,the terrorist moved to a one floor they were two in number and the the NSG platoon 200 in number and they could not save a single life the kid & the nanny was saved because the terrorist did not want to get disturbed.

All the the armed forces put together could not counter 10 terrorist for three horrific days, and we say that we have one of the best armed forces and the police that is second to non.

Please respond .......

C ya soon


syndicated blogger said...

Thanks to you for offering this platform where i can share my pain, sorrow and anger. Completely felt helpless on that occasion. I don't have words to express much but i will give full marks to the NSG commando and other forces. The main objective was not to kill those animals but to save all the innocent lives. They also must have felt huge pressure from our great politicians. In this whole incident i see only one culprit i.e. the politicians.

I saw in TV footage that a RPF Jawan was exchanging fire with his rusted 303 rifle, against AK-56. Is this a fault of that Jawan that he can not fight properly with his rusted rifle? Or is this a loop in our system. And we should not forget that we have lost our men there. They were there to defend us. I think that is why forces are called Defense Force and not Offense Forces.

photographerno1 said...

Sir with due respectto the NSG comandos and the jawans the Nariman house was a disaster to say the least..
had theNSG arrived in time lives could have been saved .
My heart goes out to Moshe Holtzberg 2 years old whose parents the Rabbi his mother died tortured brutally -I think the Israeli commandos too should have been bought in for a joint operation..
Terrorism is a global issue has to be fought jointly without ego and inept handling..
This is my humble opinion..

Take Care
Firoze Shakir

An Indian said...

Wanna Cry?


Stand up dear!

I have come up with some interesting theories... please do read and let me know!

An Indian.


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